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域名正在出售,EAI, EAI Enterprise Application Integration
EAI Electronic Arts Intermix (New York, NY)
EAI Entreprise d'Aménagement Intérieur (French: Interior Solutions Company)
EAI École d'Application de l'Infanterie (French: Infantry School Application)
EAI Engineering Animation Inc.
EAI External Audio in
EAI Epinephrine Auto-Injector (adrenaline dose devise)
EAI External Authoring Interface
EAI Epson America, Inc. (computer equipment)
EAI East Asian Institute
EAI Elephant Aid International (est. 2009)
EAI Estimated Annual Income
EAI Enterprise for ASEAN Initiative
EAI Environmental Associates, Inc.
EAI Électricité Automatisme Informatique (French:
EAI Environmental Assessment Institute (est. 2002; Danish Ministry of the Environment)
EAI Europe Acoustique Ingénierie (French)
EAI e-Business Application Integration
EAI Education Associates, Inc. (South Carolina)
EAI Environmental Analysis, Inc. (testing firm)
EAI Easy Access, Inc. (various organizations)
EAI Europe-Afrique Intérim SA (French)
EAI Emergency Action Interface
EAI Evaluación Ambiental Inicial (Guatemala)
EAI Equal Appearing Interval
EAI External Alarm Interface
EAI East African Industries
EAI Electronics Associates, Incorporated
EAI Experimental Aviation Inc. (Santa Monica, California)
EAI External Architecture Interface
EAI Engine Air Intake.

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